The vision

Liftero is an orbital transportation company and our vision is to make space a prosperous place for all humanity. We develop essential transportation infrastructure to unlock the untapped potential of the space economy.

While access to space has greatly improved in recent years, orbital mobility remains highly limited, slow, and expensive.

Liftero offers a suite of products and services for transporting assets from point A to B anywhere in space using reusable space tugs, providing operators with timely and affordable access to any space destination.

Meet Motus OTV

Motus is the smallest OTV on the market, providing you with the premium service focused on your needs. Get your constellation quickly deployed to multiple orbits. Host your payload or test your technology without effort.

Motus is a compact and highly agile orbital transportation platform that enables any combination of maneuvers tailored to your mission needs. Powered by proprietary high-performance green chemical propulsion, Motus takes you to any LEO orbit faster.

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Fly with us

Turn your rideshare mission into a premium ride

Dedicated service

full capacity of our compact orbital transfer vehicle at your disposal

Custom orbit

break free from launch constraints with our specialized last-mile delivery service

Constellation deployment

accelerate your constellation deployment with fewer launches thanks to our advanced phasing and RAAN maneuvers

Focus on your mission

let us handle your mobility needs, while you focus on your payload objectives

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