The vision

Liftero is an orbital transportation company.

Our vision is to open up space access to bring connectivity, mobility and security to all.

We develop High-Energy Orbital Transfer Vehicle allowing satellite deployment that is fast, efficient and cost-effective. 

High-Energy OTV

Liftero offers last-mile satellite delivery via rideshare-launched OTVs, enabling rapid LTAN changes or GTO-to-GEO transfers.

OTVs have emerged as a promising solution for constellation deployment, but current solutions don’t live up to the promise, lacking the much-needed orbit-change capability.

Our High-Energy OTV has an unprecedented Δv capability coupled with high thrust, enabling orbit changes that were not feasible before. With over 2000 m/s Δv and green chemical propulsion, we can get your satellites to target orbits faster and more efficiently.

Extend your rideshare launch with our premium OTV last-mile delivery service. Get your satellites where they need to be.

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Fly with us

Last-mile satellite delivery without limits.

10X faster

Compared to electric propulsion. Rapid last-mile enabled by high-thrust propulsion. Cuts time to operations from months to weeks or days.

SSO plane change

6h LTAN change in less than 90 days.

GTO to GEO transfer

Get your small satellite to GEO from GTO in days, not months.


50% reduced cost over dedicated launch, thanks to rideshare-launched OTV.

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