2023 was a landmark year for Liftero. The company has successfully navigated through pivotal moments, from securing funding to making significant progress in the development of its products.

Key Highlights of Liftero’s 2023

Funding: Liftero’s pre-seed funding round was a resounding success, with investments from Sunfish Partners, Freya Capital, bValue, and angel investors.

Product: The Whisper thruster has gone through several design iterations, with the latest version built and tested in less than three weeks. This rapid development puts Liftero in an excellent position for a product launch in 2024, marking a significant milestone in the company’s quest to improve space mobility.

Market: Throughout the year, Liftero has seen an overwhelming interest in its products, particularly the Whisper chemical propulsion system and satellite deployment capabilities offered by its Motus orbital transfer vehicle.

This growing industry interest, access to funding and progress in technology development highlights Liftero’s potential to transform space logistics and mobility in the coming years.

Through 2023

2023 started with a spark for Liftero.

The team took the Whisper thruster from concept to reality with a successful hot-fire test campaign.

This was more than just proof of concept; it was Liftero’s way of saying, “we can do this,” turning an ambitious idea into a tangible solution right there in the company’s own lab. It was a clear signal that both Liftero’s technology and its team were ready to take on the challenges ahead.

The momentum didn’t stop there.

Soon after, Liftero reached a milestone that felt like a vote of confidence — securing a pre-seed funding round from Sunfish Partners, Freya Capital, bValue, and a group of visionary angel investors. It gave the company the fuel it needed to continue its growth trajectory. But it was also about investors’ belief had in Liftero’s vision and potential.

It meant the green light to plan with bold ambition and solid backing.

Joining the ESA Business Incubation Centre marked another exciting chapter in Liftero’s story. This wasn’t just joining a program; it was like getting a key to a network of resources, mentorship, and industry leaders. It was a unique opportunity for Liftero to sharpen its strategy, widen its circle, and cement its place as a promising player in the space sector.

Then came some great news from back home.

Poland’s announcement of increased space funding. More than just good news, it was a national nod to the importance of space innovation and a morale booster for the Liftero team. It underlined the growing opportunities for start-ups like Liftero to contribute and thrive in the space industry.

August saw Liftero unveiling its new test facility.

A symbol of the company’s capacity to innovate in space propulsion technology. This facility wasn’t just a test bed; it was Liftero’s launch pad for faster, more efficient development, allowing the team to turn ideas into experiments and results faster than ever before.

The year ended up with Liftero positioning itself for the 2024 product launch.

Liftero threw itself into thruster testing, industry events and partnership discussions. These weren’t just activities; they were opportunities to validate their work, broaden their horizons and fine-tune the company’s offering based on real-world feedback. It was a period of intense growth, learning and engagement that broadened Liftero’s understanding of the market and its needs.

Next steps

Looking back to 2023, it’s clear that Liftero’s journey has been marked by significant milestones, each step building towards their vision of democratising orbital transportation.

From igniting the first spark with the Whisper thruster to expanding its reach, Liftero has laid a strong foundation for the exciting journey ahead.