We just squeeze more out of the rocket equation.

Liftero high-energy OTV has 5X capability of any other OTV.

Large orbit change capacity enabled by unprecedented propellant to dry mass ratio and system-level efficiency.

Fast manoeuvres enabled by our in-house developed high-thrust chemical propulsion.

We provide a premium, end-to-end last-mile logistic service. Your mission is our top priority — both during ground integration and in space operations.

2000 m/s delta-v

takes you where you need to be

high thrust green propulsion

fast deployment to the target orbit

up to 500 kg payload capacity

depending on the Δv requirement

Enabled by novel chemical propulsion


Steady-state capability. System simplicity. Green propellants. Software-defined controller. COPV tanks.

Our in-house developed green chemical propulsion sits at the heart of the High-Energy Orbital Transfer Vehicle.

We can provide a turn-key propulsion system, including propellant tanks tailored to your mission specifications.

Our propulsion system is entirely ITAR-free, operates without the need for preheating, and uses non-toxic propellants that are widely accessible globally. Additionally, we offer an engineering model for seamless integration and testing.

    Thruster Ten

    01 Steady-state thrust 10 N
    02 Steady-state specific impulse 290 s
    03 Minimum impulse bit 300 mNs
    04 Propellants Nitrous Oxide + Propane
    05 Voltage 28 V
    06 Power (hold) 3 W

    Thruster One

    01 Steady-state thrust 1N
    02 Steady-state specific impulse 270 s
    03 Minimum impulse bit 25 mNs
    04 Propellants Nitrous Oxide + Propane
    05 Voltage 28 V
    06 Power (hold) 3 W

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